Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most disabling health conditions in Australia and the world generally, affecting approximately 80% of the population at some point in their lives. It is a major cause of pain and disability and can affect our work and daily lives greatly. Lower back pain can be acute (a new injury or episode) or chronic (an old injury or constant pain). Either way, it is vital to have your back assessed and to gain an understanding as to why your back pain occurs and how you can help yourself with the help of your physiotherapist.

Common causes include:

  • weakened deep core spinal muscles (e.g. Multifidus) and overactive superficial muscles (e.g. QL muscle, Erector spinae, glutes)
  • joint and muscle strain or imbalance
  • disc problems (bulges, prolapses, ruptures, thinning)
  • arthritis
  • poor postural habits
  • excessive repetitive strain on the
  • lower back
  • referred pain from abdomen issue (medical problems)

Symptoms can include:

  • general widespread aching or sharp pinpoint pain in the lower back
  • pain referring into the buttocks or down the front or back of the leg
  • stiffness or reduced movement in the lower back and pelvis
  • postural shift or inability to maintain good posture
  • Numbness or ’pins and needles’ in the back or lower limbs
  • pain radiating to the abdomen
  • tenderness and tightness over the lower back and pelvis


To reduce pain, improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility, treatment will normally include manual therapy in the form of joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, manipulation and neural mobilisation. An exercise program is given to strengthen the deep spinal muscles in a low impact way and mobilising exercises as required. More advanced forms of strengthening and stretching will be prescribed later to achieve an excellent return to function. There is a focus on preventing recurrence and education to best understand your lower back.

No Matter Whether Your Condition Was Caused By A Sport,
Work Accident or Otherwise, We’re Ready To Help

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A thorough assessment and a treatment plan is designed which is tailored specifically to your needs


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All our practitioners are registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)

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Highly qualified practitioners with at least 4 years of study plus part of our Continuing Education Program

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Manual therapy, Manipulation, Dry needling, Exercise therapy, Pilates, Hydrotherapy and Cupping

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Our aim is to make you feel comfortable, safe and well cared for as if you were in your own home

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We’re part of the medical hub of Lilydale and have access to an extensive range of medical services on site.

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Client Testimonials

Zoe Rowell

I always have a wonderful experience when visiting! The reception staff are always super-helpful and accommodating and I am always greeted with a smile! The physiotherapist I see gives stretches and strengthening exercises to complete between visits if follow-up appointments are needed! Thanks for your awesome work!

Zoe Rowell

Frank Mount Evelyn

I have been going to this clinic for over 3 years after suffering near-fatal injuries from a car accident. The Physiotherapists who have been treating me have all been very caring, gentle and courteous whilst ensuring all of my needs were met. There was never an issue that they did not overcome with either treatment or the supply of ergonomic devices. My treatment is coming to an end as I now progress onto self-managing my health and wellbeing with regular sessions at the local gym, which they also organised. The administration staff are fantastic people who also treated me with the utmost respect and assistance. Thanks, Team!!!

Frank Mount Evelyn

Amelia Essex-Clark

I have been seeing Rhiannon since the beginning of the year and helped me to manage and improve long term.

Amelia Essex-Clark

Holly Gibson

Rhiannon is a wonderful Myotherapist who cares about her clients.

Holly Gibson

Chris Musgrove

Being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I was referred to Jade, whom I have no hesitation in recommending. She has been able to help through planning and careful management, meaning that frequent appointments were not required. My health was in her best interest. Truly a great service.

Chris Musgrove

Norm Hope

Found my physiotherapist, Ken, to be extremely competent, compassionate and showing great empathy. Can highly recommend him

Norm Hope

Roslyn Shipton

As a long-time sufferer of neck pain, it has taken me a long time to find a physio team that listen and act accordingly

Roslyn Shipton

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